What a Season

Well it’s Christmas time and that means toy aisle full. Now what they may be full of is not what we all want as collectors. Parents who have no clue what they are looking for and pegs full of the newest Marvel Legends or Justice League. You look over and and see a a rare short packed figure in a parent’s hand like a DCSH Lex and your hear them say hmmmm this looks nothing like Kevin Spacey. You then bite your tongue and pray they put it down and actually go for the 4 pegs full of Spacey Lutors. You rush over feeling a little creepy but the wonderful feeling of comes over you from finding a new toy and you hold it tight all the way to the register with a huge smile on your face. The only good thing about this whole situation is that there are less kids around because parents are buys stuff for them. I do remember years back it was December and I found the first wave of the redo of Star Wars( 1995 I think), and I have two Leias in my hands, when a couple came by and were so excited about the toys and I could hear him from the end of the aisle disappointed they did not get them all for their kid. I thought for a second and walked over and handed them one of my Leias and they got a smile so huge, I knew it was not a collector smile but a Santa smile. While we rush around to complete a set at this time of year just remember, when those parents who don’t always know about the toy, there is a kid who will open it as a gift. It’s a great time of year 3 months left and we have 2 ML waves, ML FO2, JLU, DCSH reg and two packs, ML icons 3 and ST: TNG wave 3, and that is just till Xmas.


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