So this all started with an idea of the hunt…. And it turned in to a place to vent. I guess my newest problem is what is too much and what I need. I talked about it in my last post but after the week I had I though about it more. These little pieces of plastic are amazing, they make grown men into kids and kids in to crazed little people. I had my 4 and 7 year old niece and nephew in a cart last weekend at a Target calling down the aisles I want an Iron man. They had no idea what it was but Target employees are much nicer when you have kids with you looking for toys. So this week I stumbled across ML 14(Mojo) and DCSH wave 4. I love these figures, even with the QC problems that have been haunting us as of late. I mean it looks so cool to have Red Skull and Zemo facing off against Captain America and Falcon, or to have Iron Fist and Cage set up. It’s like the characters come to life. And that is why I do it because I can have the physical sense that my favorite Characters are alive in my house. It’s not about the collection, because I don’t get every figure. It’s about the escape and the feeling that I have when I can look at my toys all set up and see a set up of Xmen vs. Sentinels or Spidy and his foes. That is my escape, not the hunt, not the collection but the ability to feel 5 again and see your figures as more then plastic.



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