So when does collecting become too much?

At what point can we say no to the newest Marvel Legend? Or no to the new JLU 3 packs? We need to have these things, don’t we? We need to hunt and make our favorite battle occur on our shelves or desk, don’t we? At what point to we say we are done? I mean I thought I had all of the Marvel Universe after the 5 inch line and I was happy but then Marvel Legends came out and I started all over. Im 27 now and I think if Marvel Legends ends will I start all over? Am I happy with the way my figures look? How can they possibly improve on the newest offering? I mean look at the DCU… for a long time Super Powers was the standard, and now we have the JLU. So when do we stop?
Tonight I wrote down all the figures that should be available in the new 3 months and the total that I would want to buy came out to be about $600. It blew me away; I mean I know I buy a lot of toys but $600 in 3 months, which is crazy. I never used to write it out by my wife and I came to this point where we have to budget and she has never said no to me getting toys (past month let me buy FFC 2 figures for a lot more then I ever thought), but when she saw the list he response was you know what we could do with $600 dollars. I mean I knew it was bad but, still her reaction threw me. I was the first time I felt like she had doubts about what I do. It is me; the toys, comics, and cartoons, im a big kid and I know it. When we have kids someday I look forward to hunting for new toys together but then its worse because then we need 2 of everything. So when is it all enough? My list only now consists of 3 major lines, DCSH, JLU, and the Marvel Legends umbrella (ML, Icons, FO, SMC, FFC, XMC) and I used to collect Transformers, GI Joe, WWE, He-man, and anything else that looked cool. I have greatly decreased the amount of toys I buy but still it some times feels like too much.
So after finding 3 of 6 of the new ML Mojo wave, I find my self saying do I need more? My usual argument is that some day I will have room to put all this out, but will I really have the money to make the room if I keep spending it on all the toys? I have some out now but we have family and small kids coming over this weekend so I had to take down my newest Xmen set up. When I put them in the closet I think am I just buying more toys to put away to maybe put out someday? I don’t know, I really don’t.


One Response to So when does collecting become too much?

  1. Paul says:

    I’ve had a low budget for toys for awhile and my idea of “when is enough enough” came one day when I realized that I was buying a million Star Wars figures, simply because they were Star Wars figures. That’s when I decided to only buy clones (cuz I love them) and a few figures here and there, otherwise I just admire them from afar. I think that when it comes to collecting, sometimes we don’t really ask ourselves the important question of why am I getting this?

    I’ve also got a second test of: Will I still think this is cool in two months? A lot of times stuff ends up in storage and if that might be the case, I don’t buy it.

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