The Crash

The Crash

Some would call what we do an addiction, the need to get more toys. We call it a hobby, something to do in our free time. I think it is a mix of the two. Think about the feeling you get when you get all you need of the newest wave of toys. The though then comes over you that you have to wait months for the next wave. It’s a feeling that is bittersweet. You have the feeling of accomplishment and then the feeling of what will I do with all the money I save on gas.

Some of us only buy certain line and some of us spread ourselves too thin but whichever we are we all know that feeling of the crash. Back in the early days of Marvel Legends the crash was not as bad because you could always count on having to look for a new figure right up till about the time the next wave came out. But now a days with area reports and friends on the net like Fwoosh and AFI we all have a little community and within a matter of days we all have what we needed. Now I know some of you will read this and say we don’t know what that is like but I know in Connecticut, that has been the cycle since ML 9.

So back to the crash, what do you do when you hit this point? I know the hardest thing for me is after opening all the figures and not enough room to display them all I have to put them away till the next set comes out or till we get more room and its so hard to do.

So here are some of the things I hear people saying they do when the crash happens. Do you rush out and by figures you already have to make customs? Do you look for old figures you never got on eBay and the boards? Do you not go to stores and just wait till someone posts that they are out? Do you buy figures you already have just to buy something and not to feel so defeated? The question I pose to you is how do you deal with your crash?


One Response to The Crash

  1. Tristan says:

    When the crash hits, I kinda take the time to review and see what I have. I know its starting up again with the target and tru exclusives and new waves of stuff coming out ala STAR WARS, but the nostalgia hits and you wonder what happen to that certain that you never got or never even heard of. I know the Y wing was my favorite but I never saw it until I was 28 yrs old. I try to think of ways to display it and basically I rotate thru STAR TREK, STAR WARS, PLAYMOBIL, GI JOE. Like for instance, Im building a TRENCH, death star trench to display X WINGS, Y WINGS and TIE fighters as well as a M.FALCON. Im hoping to put it in a store window. I really dug that when people did that. It showed time and effort and what, hopefully, could be done at your own home. The days of the cool SEARS Christmas catalogue are gone unfortunately. Whatever ever happened to cool store displays? I really miss those days.

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