Walmart Mania

Our community is a wonderful thing, especially when you have reliable friends working with you. A common goal is a great thing to have in a group of friends and when we all work together it’s a wonderful thing. As the great Hannibal used to say “I love it when a plan comes together”. And boy did plans come together this week. What a week I have had. It’s been a week of toys and I think I’m finally mostly caught up.
It all started Monday with a message about meeting on Tuesday to get a figure for a friend. I decided after work I would go hit a few stores and meet a buddy to pick up a Hydro Man for another friend. Of course every store I went to on my way had a Hydro Man but I made a deal and stuck to it. I hit a Wal-Mart and found one lone superman from DCSH on the pegs and picked him with no others in sight, and with the last few months we have all had with toys one figure was enough to appease the toy addiction for a little while. When I met my friend we chatted and found out he had found some figures I needed and if his trades did not work out he would hook me up so it was yet another hopeful feeling to help that itch for more toys. But before we parted ways he mentioned he would have the elusive Wally World wave the next day. I must have hit the roof I was so excited, and asked for the details and if I could come along. My mind completely forgot that I had to work the next day. After I left and was trying to figure out the timing of getting to the store and the toys and to work I figured I would never be able to do it. I called my best friend who the Hydro Man was for and told him he had to do this for the both of us because no way could I ever do it unless I could bend the laws of physics. Laying in bed that night my mind raced about not being there to see the huge cube of toys sitting waiting to be bought but I had trust in my friend.
The next morning was full of anxiety and anticipation about the toys and when I finally got the word that we had all the toys( full Giant Man set(10), all two packs(6) and 2 box sets) I was so relieved and excited. After a few hours of opening and playing I was content and enjoyed my find but it was not over. Checking in to make sure all the guys had found a wave or would be pointed in the right direction was the next step. Calls kept coming in all over and posts where the Wave had hit Connecticut. Even one call came in to say that an entire store’s display was on layaway for us if we needed it. It was such a rush of a few days and it was almost at a close. Yesterday I saw a post that the other wave was up for a trade and in a few short hours all the Marvel Legends I need will be in my hands. What a week!!!


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