The Hunt

I heard on the boards today that ML 13 was found at the Wal-Mart in …… oh yeah I know a guy who got the new DC Super Heroes in Target in ….. When lines like that are posted on our boards, even if it’s 3000 miles away, something stirs inside our bodies and we sit starring at the screen in awe and shock. The next thoughts in our minds are a visual map of the state we live. On that map we see every Wal-Mart, Target, KB/ Toy Works, Toys R Us, K-Mart, and for some of us Rite Aid in our immediate area. We plan our routes to and from work for the next few days in order to hit as many of these stores as possible, at the right times. We all have hook ups with friends on getting figures and we put out all of our feelers to make sure the maximum number of stores are hit in the next few days in the hope of finding 1 if not all of the figures in the new set.

That thing inside of us that awakens when the new waves hit is what some have deemed THE HUNT. Now none of us carry guns for this hunt (at least I don’t think) but we are careful in our planning and execution of that plan. It is something that is hardwired inside of us and some are just blessed with luck and skill. Now some of you may ask what skill is needed to drive to Wal-Mart and look down the toy aisle?

Now here it is: The inner workings of a toy obsessed mind. The other night my wife said to me “You think about toys and comics 90% of the time” and I smiled and said “No, more like 60%”. Well if I am right in that 60% then about 15% of that is on the Hunt. I mean I have my paths planned through each store I go to. Some times I vary it but for the most part I know where the toys I want are and the fastest route from the door. Now sometimes this is like a game, changing the route just so your not bored. Sometimes it’s a race.

Ever drive to your local store and on the other side of the parking lot you see a guy and think hmmm…. What is he here for? And then you see the Flash tee-shirt and you know, it’s on and you have to get to the action figures first. You head for the door and you both walk in together. Now you have to figure in time of day, year, and layout of the store in order to make it to the action figures first. If it’s holiday time it’s a crap shoot on who gets there first because there are so many people there who have no idea where anything is, never mind what they came for. If it’s midday you have moms and kids in the way so you have to be patient sometimes. So now that you have the store assessed and you have carefully adjusted your game plan in your mind, the race begins. You start off neck and neck then you duck down a paper goods aisle, and when you come out he is about 3 steps ahead, at which time you focus on what line you want and where it is on the pegs so there is no looking around at the new giant Optimus which is nowhere near the Marvel Legends. Suddenly you see him duck down an aisle but you smirk because you know that there are tons of people down the magazine aisle and you now take a half a aisle lead on him but he decides to come in from the back of the aisle and you see he is closer to your pegs then you and you pick up the pace and stop short in front of your pegs only to see a Prof. X and Bullseye looking at both of you almost laughing and mocking you. You turn to the other person and smile. Now sometimes you share your info and sometimes you pick up the Bullseye just so you don’t look like a grown man racing to grab a 6 inch piece of plastic. But the adrenaline is gone and you think oh wait there is a Target down the road, and you notice the other guy is already gone. And thus the Hunt continues……

The Hunt is something that almost feels wrong at times( like in-between waves) and other times it’s the most exciting time( like when you find every figure in a wave). Either way its part of being a collector of toys, no matter what line you collect.

Here is a shot of the results of my latest Hunt……….. —>

I also wanted to thank George Sellas for redesigning my banner and adding my new logo. If you like it and would like to see his other work check out his site.


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