Why do we collect? What’s the next big thing to hit? What figures do you want to see the most? Aren’t these all the questions we used to see being answered in columns and on these sites? And, “How often will this update?” is something we all think.. Well I can’t answer question 2 because I’m just a middle school teacher with no real connection to the toy world other then Julius or Otter occasionally answering a question on the boards. I can’t tell you what figure you all want to see, because that is like asking my family what we should do for dinner during a holiday get-together. And I can’t tell you why you collect because I’m not you, and for me it’s a personal thing. So you’re probably scratching your head right now thinking why does this guy get to write a column. Well I guess I’m here to write for every guy who once and a while gets a shot at doing something he loves and enjoys.I have been collecting figures ever since He-man wave one (1982), not the new ones. And I remember saying, after we got all the figures on the card back, “Mom, we got them all!”. Boy was I wrong. Or the time my mom said “I wonder why the figures have holes in their feet”, and a few months later the playset comes out. I think we all know that feeling of being sucked in to this universe of toys. We all know the feeling of the quick fix of finding 1 or 2 figures from the new wave, and then going on the hunt looking for the rest. Or the really big high of finding the whole wave in one shot and then having to wait months till the next wave comes out. Sometimes you stop to think during the lull: “What have a gotten my self into?” I mean really I think the tobacco companies took some hints from the toy companies and the whole idea of hooking them when their young.

Toys are made for kids, and yet in the last six months I have raced grown men with their kids and wives up the escalator at Times Square Toys R Us for new Marvel Legends on a Sunday morning. And listened to those same men talk before the doors open how they hit every store in the area once a week and some once a day looking for toys of any kind. What is it about these 4 to 12 inch piece of plastic that makes us nuts? Sitting here looking at my Marvel Legend 12 Wolverine I think to myself what a wonderful toy (sorry it just came to me). I mean he is short just like in the comics, nice rich colors, great expression, its almost as if my favorite hero is standing here with me. I think for me I do all this because I can see the comics come alive. So this comes to comics and I think I will save that for another day – but yes I do collect them too.

I mean what is it about toys that makes them so important that some will drive hours in hope of finding that new wave? I don’t know. I don’t do sports stuff cause I can’t keep up, even though the X-men change roster more then any team. I can’t do models, and I have tried, although Waiting inspires me all I can do is dream of his display. Politics and current events just bore me even though I’m a history teacher. But I just can’t get enough of these toys. I mean I could just sit and fiddle with them for hours and not be bored. Oh who knows, to be honest who cares! Its just fun!


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